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Liquid Waste Concentrator & Gelling Absorber

It is a non-powdery product in the form of granulated adsorbent granulated sugar, which is used in the gelling and solidification of Medical Wastes, Infectious Wastes, Body fluids, Blood, Vomit, Urine, Saliva, Liquid Contaminated Wastes and all water-based liquids.

Depending on the condition of the liquid, it has the capacity to gel and solidify the liquid between 60 and 100 times its own weight.1 gr tusorb Super Absorbent product gels and solidifies the liquid between 60 ml and 100 ml.

Depending on the condition of 1 kg of TUSORB Super Absorbent liquid, it has the capacity to gel and solidify between 60 liters and 150 liters of liquid.

Solidification time: It is between 2 minutes and 5 minutes depending on the condition of the liquid.

It is used in all hospital services, blood centers, analysis laboratory and all laboratory areas, intensive care rooms, all surgical areas, emergency services, ambulances, patient transport vehicles and solidification of all liquids.

The product is presented in a plastic bottle of 1 kg.


liquid absorbent & deodorizing powder absorbent; It is a product in the form of a thick powder obtained from a mineral that is completely natural and does not contain any chemical substances, has a very high absorbency and ion exchange ability, which is used to neutralize chemical, radioactive, biological, harmful and toxic wastes and debris by adsorbing, and to remove heavy metals, gases and bad odors in these wastes.

It is used as an adsorbent (absorbent) in petroleum wastes and spills, liquid fuel wastes and spills, mineral and vegetable oil wastes and spills, paint spills, liquid medicine spills, toxic liquid wastes and spills. It has a fast absorbency power It is used for adsorbent and cleaning oil spills and scattering in all oil refineries, filling facilities, petrol stations, auto repair shops, machinery production sites, all repair and maintenance workshops, engine rooms of ships and yachts, oil production centers, oil tanks, oil sales workplaces.

Our product, which is also used to remove all bad odors, has a versatile function. It is used to remove the odor of moisture, mold and foul-smelling carpets, to remove the odor of pets, to remove animal odor and other odors in homes where pets are kept. It is completely harmless in terms of the environment, the health of humans and animals, and is made of an environmentally friendly mineral. It is 100% safe.

1. It has a very good liquid and odor adsorbing (absorbent) feature.

2. It adsorbs heavy metals in liquid medical wastes, whole body fluid wastes, blood and blood product wastes and renders them harmless.

3. It absorbs the toxic and harmful gases that are likely to be present in the waste and traps them in its own body.

4. Solidifies liquid wastes in a very short time (30-60 seconds)

5. It has a very effective absorbency against hazardous, chemical and biological wastes.

6. It blocks harmful bacteria and viruses on the waste and cuts off its contact with the environment.

7. It makes the environment safe by eliminating the risk posed by harmful formations on wastes on other people in the environment.

8. When it is poured on the places where bad odor has formed, it removes the odor and creates a spacious environment.

1. It is used to clean petroleum and liquid fuel wastes and spills by solidifying.

2. It is used to safely clean paint, acid and mercury spills.

The product is presented in a plastic bottle of 1 kg.

2 pack Liquid Waste Thickener & Gelling and Deodorizing Absorbent

₺730.00 Regular Price
₺690.00Sale Price


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