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Zeolite Foot & Bath Powder

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Zeolite Clinoptilolite: It does not absorb toxins on the skin, it is a good radioactive absorber, it absorbs radioactive substances in the skin, it attracts all positive ions due to its negative ion load, gives dynamism to the skin, brightens the skin, softens the skin, absorbs heavy metals in water and skin, relaxes and relaxes the skin, gives the skin a silky softness.

The miraculous effect of Epsom salt has actually been known for centuries. Unlike other salts, it has a relaxing effect on the body, brain and soul. It has numerous benefits, but the first ones that come to mind are calming the nervous system, healing skin problems, relieving back pain and muscle pain, relieving muscle tension, healing cuts, relieving colds and congestion, and removing toxins from the body. It relieves stress and stress-related tensions.

The sulfate contained in Epsom salt ensures that harmful toxins and heavy metals in the cells are removed from the body. Our skin actually has a very permeable structure, and the right minerals that you add to your bath water create a reverse transition effect in the body, removing salt from your skin and harmful toxins.

Sodium bicarbonate: Softens the skin and calluses, relieves fatigue, and is effective against skin odors.

This 100% natural Foot and Bath detox, consisting of 3 magnificent mixtures, is effective against many problems such as absorbing heavy metals and toxins exposed to environmental effects on the skin, removing radioactive substances from the skin, softening calluses on the skin, removing skin odors, minimizing nerves and stress, relaxing muscles, relieving joint pain

How to use: It is used by adding it to the bath / foot wash water as often as you want and waiting in it for 20 minutes.

Is there any harm: The FDA has classified Zeolite as 'GRASS' (generally harmless - this statute also includes vegetables). There is no known harm.

Side effects: No side effects have been observed with external use.


Foot and Bath Detox:

♦ It removes heavy metals from the skin and relaxes the skin.

♦ It absorbs radioactive substances that have accumulated on the skin.

♦ It absorbs toxins from the skin that has been exposed to environmental effects.

♦ It relieves back pain, muscle tension and pain.

♦ It brightens the skin and gives it a silky softness.

♦ It is 100% natural and harmless to the environment and human health.

♦ Softens calluses on the feet.

♦ It relieves fatigue and rejuvenation.

♦ It is effective against skin odors.

♦ It purifies the dead cells in the skin and opens the skin pores.

♦ It is good for skin rashes and wounds, cuts.

Let's know that doing a bath detox, even once a week or once every 15 days, will have numerous benefits for both the body and the skin, let's not forget that our skin is our appearance and outward face.

Tusorb Zeolite Foot and Bath powder 500gr

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