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Zeolites are hydrated aluminum silicates in a crystalline structure.

Millions of years ago, they were formed as a result of the chemical reaction of ash and lava produced by the eruption of volcanoes with lake or sea waters. Changes such as temperature – geological location – water/ash ratio during the formation of zeolites add unique properties to their composition. There are 42 types of zeolites with different compositions. Clinoptilolite is the most widely used type of industrial and has the greatest commercial importance. Clinoptilolite found in the Manisa/Gordes basin has a purity rate of 95%.

The lattice-shaped structure of zeolites creates a large inner and outer surface area for ion exchange and chemical reactions. The pores in it occupy 50% of its volume. These pores act as molecular sieves. Zeolites are naturally negatively charged and have a high ion exchange capacity. Thanks to its porous structure and high ion exchange capacity, it can detect many kinds of gases and odors; juice and moisture; It has the ability to retain and absorb petrochemicals, low levels of radioactive elements, ammonium, toxins, heavy metals and many solutions. With its environmentally friendly structure and low cost, zeolite (clinoptilolite) is used in many industrial areas and various environmental projects today.

Our country is rich in zeolite mines. There are many types of zeolite. Zeolites with a type of clinoptilolite and a high degree of purity are suitable for detox purposes. Although it is not well known in our country, it is widely used abroad. In the Japan nuclear explosion, the soil and buildings were covered with zeolite to reduce the spread of radioactivity.


  1. Agriculture – soil conditioner, water retainer, aerator

  2. Landscaping and landscaping

  3. Livestock – feed additive, animal litter

  4. Purification – mechanical and chemical filtration

  5. Pool and spa filter media

  6. Aquarium material

  7. Cat litter

  8. Construction industry – cement, asphalt

  9. Cleaning supplies

  10. Textile industry

  11. Transportation and storage of vegetables and fruits

  12. Paper industry

  13. Energy

  14. Health – toxin binder, powder

  15. Aquaculture

  16. It is also used as a catalyst in chemistry.

  17. Aquarium filtration



It has been scientifically proven to improve the intestinal wall.

It is widely used in symptoms such as swelling and leaky bowel.

It has been proven to provide heavy metal excretion from the body.

It is protective against radiation, while drinking protects the body from electromagnetic radiation, keeping zeolite stones in the environment also neutralizes the radiation in the environment.

For normal to oily skin. It deeply cleanses and detoxifies, helps clear acne and blackheads. Mix 3 teaspoons of Zeolite with 1 teaspoon of water. Apply it to your face with a gentle massage motion upwards and outwards. Rinse thoroughly. It deeply cleanses and detoxifies, cleanses acne and blackheads, exfoliates, tightens, brightens and clarifies enlarged pores, is effective in treating blemishes, softens and soothes.

The content of the powders used in bedridden patients, which is referred to as wound powder, consists mainly of zeolite.

In the preparation of oral care products, the use of toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. is common.

It can be used as a skin care mask, cream, lotion.

Zeolite powder is used in insect bites and stings.

Sunburn and minor burns: Prepare a paste with fine Zeolite powder and water to alleviate sunburn. It helps to soothe the burned area, relieve pain, draw heat out, relieve redness and prevent blisters. Zeolite helps to remove dead skin cells, then helps repair and rejuvenate sun-damaged cells.

Zeolite powder is used for pet scratches and minor bleeding.

Irritated and inflamed gums are gargled with zeolite water in case of tooth weight.

It is recommended to drink water with zeolite before or after alcohol intake.

In case of problems such as foot odor and fungus, a paste prepared with zeolite powder and water is applied to the area for a week.

Zeolite powder is used on the area for sweat odor.

A foot bath or bathtub water prepared with zeolite helps to detoxify the body.

zeolite powder
zeolite rocks

How to Use at Home?

In smoke-free homes, place a large bowl of Zeolite. To reactivate the zeolite, take the bowl outside once a week, stir, and leave in the sun for a few hours. For heavy atmospheres, spray water on  Zeolite stones to increase activity. If you smoke, rinse your mouth, gargle and drink Zeolite to get rid of harmful heavy metals like cadmium.

Sprinkle Zeolite on persistently damp areas to dry and remove odors. Place a bowl of Zeolite powder or stones under the kitchen sink, in the refrigerator, or anywhere else prone to moisture and odor.

Sprinkle about 1cm of Zeolite powder on the bottom of the kitchen trash can under the garbage bag.

It purifies your vegetables from harmful chemicals. Washing vegetables with zeolite is one of the most reliable methods.

Sprinkle zeolite on your greasy pans, it makes cleaning difficult stains easier.

Laundry stain remover: Add 1-2 teaspoons of Zeolite powder to a small bucket of water, soak the dirty laundry for a few hours or overnight.

Add 1-2 teaspoons of Zeolite to the wash load to help remove dirt and bacteria from the laundry, it also softens the laundry.

You can add zeolite to your homemade dishwasher and washing machine detergents. While this protects the laundry and dishes from dirty electrical radiation load, it also allows difficult dirt to be removed more easily.​

How to Use It for Our Pet Friends?

Add ¼ to 1 teaspoon of Zeolite powder to your pet's wet food (depending on the size of the animal), or add 1-2 teaspoons to a bowl of water and place next to your pet's regular water bowl. When the water level drops, add more water. Change the zeolite water every few days.

While you increase the body resistance of our friends, you can also regulate their digestive systems.

Odor Removal – Add Zeolite powder to the cat litter tray to eliminate odor.

You can also use different forms of zeolite as cat litter. Additionally, zeolite may be preferred as wound powder.

You can ensure that wounds heal quickly without getting infected.

Granular forms of zeolite are also used as aquarium filters.

Zeolite, which is used not only in domestic animals but also in livestock and poultry farming, is always with our farmers.

Agriculture and Environment​

You can also use zeolite safely in fertilization activities. Zeolite, which is also used as lawn food, naturally brings your garden to the green form you want.

Zeolite minerals are also used to filter sewage waste.


Zeolite, which has a place in every aspect of our lives, is used everywhere in our environment that touches us, even though it is not well known. As Semedis, we are happy to introduce Natural Zeolite to you.



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