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  • Oil Absorbent Pad


    It is a product with a very high absorption capacity, produced for intensive use. Thanks to its white color, it is easy to determine the absorption status of the spill. This means that the product continues to absorb until its white color changes to the color of the contaminant.

    It never absorbs water, only oil and petroleum derivatives. In this way, it can be used in all indoor and outdoor spaces. It does not absorb a drop of water while absorbing oil derivatives spilled on the water surface or on land in rainy weather. Thanks to its structure consisting of thin fibers, it has a very intense absorption capacity.

    It absorbs and traps oil and petroleum derivatives in the environment. It leaves nothing behind when removed.

    The pads come in ready-packaged pieces of 50 and in cut form.


    It can be used by cutting it to desired dimensions thanks to its horizontal perforations every 25 centimeters and vertical perforations in the middle along the entire roll. In this way, it offers economical use. There is no need for cutting tools such as knives or scissors to tear it off. It is very easy to tear off thanks to the perforations.

    It prevents the leakage from dispersing by placing it under the leaking points of fixed filled tanks and barrels. It can be used easily in small and narrow spaces. It can stay under the sun for days. It is durable. It is ideal for use in places such as sea, pools, ponds, etc. It absorbs oil and petroleum derivatives and does not absorb water. It has high hydrophobic properties. It has absorbent capacity, is strong and durable, does not sink in water, cleans all oil, fuel and oil spills on the water surface.


    OIL ABSORBENT PAD (oil adsorbent pad)


    DIMENSIONS: 40cm X 50cm

    200 gr/m2 50 PCS/PACK Suction capacity: 40 Liters

    Intensive oil and petroleum absorbent pads (50 pieces)

    SKU: TSYP50
    ₺675.00 Regular Price
    ₺625.00Sale Price


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